All About Our Internship Program

Virtual. Paid. Career Building. Exciting.

Welcome to the Xstream Virtual Internship program, one of the most unique, fun, informative and exciting programs of it’s kind anywhere in America!  Did you know that today 33 percent of employers are hiring virtual interns and 71 percent of students are open to the idea of holding a virtual internship? Wow!   It’s a practice that is on the rise!

We have created a world-class, online, 13 week curriculum designed to offer you the skills that you need and employers want from today’s brightest minds. 

Our C.O.R.E. (Communication. Opportunities. Relationships. Entrepreneurship.) Skills Training curriculum will offer you structured courses of study in areas such as: 

  • Communicating in Business
  • Critical Thinking
  • Workplace Culture & Skills
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Sales & Deal Closing
  • And much more!

Amazing!  And the great part is, as an additional benefit, you will learn all about the wonderful world of travel – the world’s largest and most exciting industry.  In fact, by the time you complete the Xstream Virtual Internship, you will have earned your certification as a full-fledged travel agent with the ability to earn thousands of dollars from simple tasks such as planning a group cruise, organizing your fraternity’s or sorority’s spring break trip or planning a group backpacking get-a-way to Europe! 

A Virtual Internship

The best type of internship...

A virtual internship lets you get invaluable, hands-on work experience with awesome companies (like ours), while working remotely from home, campus, or anywhere with a good internet connection.

It’s the best of both worlds: working from your apartment, dorm room or home, while being very much part of the team.  

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